Promote your books


The basic service for the promotion of books and works by the authors is free and open to all within the limits and in compliance with the Terms and Conditions of this Site. Any paid options for extra services connected to it, present or future, are and will be optional and free choice.

The service allows Users to request to be able to publish an article-post to promote and advertise their works and books.

Acceptance of the user’s request by this Site is not automatic but subject to unquestionable judgment and preventive moderation by the administrators of this Site.

Times and methods of publication are at the discretion of this Site, as far as the User can suggest preferences for dates.

It’s possible to promote any type of book (fiction, non-fiction, any gender or age …).

It’s possible for the same User/ Author to request to promote several different works (there are no limits).

It is forbidden to repeat a request for the same book already accepted or rejected from the service.

Books that invite hatred, pornography or child pornography, that incite racism and that in any way damage the rights of others or against ethical-civil norms will not be accepted.

By accessing the service, the User is responsible for the truthfulness of the data entered as well as that they do not violate third party rights in any way.

The books will be promoted and published on the specific page-section of this Site or in the social channels connected to Colored Shadows Productions, reporting and making public all the data entered by the Users in filling in the form in charge of the service, except for the private email address.

Within the Site the books will maintain the “priority” position (of the first and most recent article) for three consecutive days from the time of their publication or until a new promotion by another User. The promotional posts will then remain active on the Colored Shadows Productions website and social channels.

The data and material provided may then be published by Colored Shadows Production also outside the Site itself in its official social channels (such as Facebook page/profile/group, Instagram profile, Youtube channel etc…).

The Users can request the cancellation-removal of their “visibility announcement” at any time, but in this case the total or partial cancellation of the material is not guaranteed neither from this Site nor from the social channels connected to it. For technical reasons, links to “removed posts” may remain, or it may be impossible to remove the posts. Each case will be analyzed on its own and if technical problems of any nature prevented its cancellation, the User is required to accept it.

In order to use the service, it’s necessary to fill in the mandatory fields, under penalty of the impossibility of providing the service itself.

By accepting the service, the User grants Colored Shadows Productions the non-exclusive use of the data and material (e.g. book cover) entered. Colored Shadows Productions will not modify this data, unless they need quality reductions to streamline the service.

Through the form in charge of the service you can optionally request other services (for example that of the mailing list or reviews) for which the specific terms and regulations apply.

The data provided by Users through the request for the service will be used only for the explicitly requested service or services and not for others and will be treated as specified in the Privacy Policy and Terms and Conditions of the Site itself, which the User is obliged to read and accept to be able to use the service.