Books Review Rules

The Colored Shadows Productions team loves reading beautiful books and loves reviewing them. There are many books, and unfortunately the time is always short... therefore it's possible to request book reviews, but we cannot guarantee to fulfill it.

You can try to ask!

To request book reviews send us an email to:

We read a bit of everything, but above all books in line with our catalog and our ideologies. We do not read or review books with violent content or that incites hatred of racism, violation of laws, unsuitable materials or topics, and so on ...

We review whole books or even simple stories, for sale or free, also on personal sites or on blogs/social networks.

The reviews we make are at our complete discretion and taste, and they can be both positive and negative, so think carefully before submitting your request.

Once the request has been accepted, it's no longer possible to cancel it and we will publish the review on this Site and/or on the social channels connected to Colored Shadows Productions, as well as it is possible that the review will be sent and published in the stores where the book/story cab be purchased on third party sites.

Basically we don't buy the books to review at our expense (but it could also happen), so in case you want to receive a review it will be your concern to provide us with digital or paper copy of the work in free version.

Contact us by email giving all possible information on the work to be reviewed: if it can be downloaded or purchased for free (example "promotional period") indicate the links... Don't send paper books if we have not previously given you a positive response to review the book.

Ensure to read and accept our Privacy Policy before contact us.

You can also find us active in our social networks, groups or blogs... look for us and look for our reviews (for example on th”Wattpad”, on "Writers Dream" or in the reviews of the "Amazon" books).

Finally, you can request a review connected to the "Promote your book" service: in this case, after checking the box "I want to receive a review" contact us by following the lines displayed on this page.